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Wild Muscadine Jalapeno Jelly and Dew Berry Red Pepper Jam

Its been a very busy and sucessful summer at Island life with especially our kayak and paddle board rentals with many new customers and many repeat customers that we so much appreciate!

But what to do on a wind gustful day that shuts down business for a day. Take a hike.

Yes take a hike through one of the many trails on the beautiful Alabama coast that are located in several Gulf Coast National parks.This is great way to experience the local fauna,see bird life, and take in the indigenous plant life.

And if you go early August its a great time to search out the wild muscadines that are bountiful across this utmost southern region. They are a smaller fruit than most muscadines but are loaded

with a tasty tart flavor that makes the most delectable jelly.

I found these vines near the Jeff Friend trail that is located a few miles down the Fort Morgan Hwy (hwy 180) in Gulf Shores.This treat taste very much like a grape jolly rancher candy.It has been about a hundred years since i have had one but that tart sweet hard candy was a childhood favorite.


Fill your boiling pot to the top of the fruit with water.

After a good boil, smash your fruit well to release all of the juice.

Drain your juice with a wire mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

Add 2 to 4 jalapenos depending on taste and bring to a boil

and then give them a good smush

Add a matching amount of sugar to the proportion of juice..

Add a tablespoon of lime juice.Add a proportion of gelling agent(be generous are it

will come out like a syrup).And give a good boil for 20-30 minutes.

Jar in your favorite containers that you have prepared in the proper canning procedure

that you may google and learn to do in a a few moments.If your not familar with the

proper procedure "its worth a google".

Now you have some fantastic,colorful, and personal Christmas gifts that can be a fun

family event that may bring as much pleasure in the process as the final product!!

Recipe for Dewberry Jam:Five cup berries and five sliced red hot peppers in pot and fill water to top of fruit level and bring to a boil.Some recipes say crush the berries i prefer to leave them in whole but not to be concerned over a crushed berry or two. After boiling for around fifteen minutes add one package of pectin and seven cups of sugar stirring well for at least another fifteen minutes.Let the jam cool for a few minutes before filling your prepared canning jars.

Jeff Friend trail in Gulf Shores Alabama

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