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Perfect spot for paddle board novice!!!

Finally!!! You know you have wanted to try paddle boarding but perhaps a little concerned about falling into the deep and having difficulty reboarding or perhaps being consumed by the creatures that lurk below. Paddle boarding is 90 percent confidence and 10 physical ability. Once your are up and going you will find a new confidence that you will certainly want to display to friends that will be amazed at your agility and skill and you will have a great photo opp to update on facebook and impress all your friends!!

The water is less than two feet deep and stretches out over a hundred yards on Perdido Beach and the water temperature is several degrees warmer with the help of a generous sun and protected bay area that disables and nullifies any current.

Kayaking Perdido Beach

Maybe you prefer to kayak in one of our tandem manta kayaks that are designed with a broad base bottom that lends to better stability in the water and are great for one or two people and perhaps even a brave pet.

Harvesting oysters in Perdido Beach

Or maybe you would like to just wade the clear waters and harvest oysters to place on the grill tonight. Make sure you bring gloves or risk cutting the fingers!

I rate this as one of my favorite beaches on the Alabama Gulf Coast and it is certainly one of the best kept secrets (until now) with its own unique attributes. The drive is only 30 minutes from Gulf Shores Orange Beach area. Facing south standing in the water you can easily see landmarks like the caribe resorts and by boat a short distance to the West Pirates Cove in the Joesephine community.

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