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Paddle Board and Kayaking Lagoon Pass

Number one site in the Gulf Shores area to paddle board has to be Lagoon Pass on West Beach.

With the improvements made at the pass where Little Lagoon empties into

the Gulf. The shallow sandy bottom varies in depth but one could walk out

over several hundred yards in certain locations with the water being only waste

deep. The clarity of water often looks similar to what one might find in the


The lagoon is protected from any large surf or wave so snorkeling is a big hit here as well.

The beach is rather small but for convenient parking at five dollars for four hours and eight for the full day.Public park restrooms are easily accessible and well maintained by the city.

I would also consider this a hot spot for families with young children because of the protected surf and shallow waters. You could consider much of the area as a super large outdoor all natural kiddie


Do not miss out on the newly renovated Lagoon Pass Park.Especially on days when the surf is a bit strong but you want to kayak or paddle board!!

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