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Kayaking Wolf Bay via Graham Creek in Foley Alabama

Only 15 minutes away from Gulf Shores or 10 minutes on the beach express from Orange beach you will find the ultimate kayaking experience on Graham creek nature preserve.Just go East from hwy 59 cross the beach express and in a couple of miles you will find Graham creek tucked away in a beautiful and serene park handsomely kept by the city of Foley.

Parking is easy,convenient and free!When you first arrive you might ponder where the heck is the creek?But no worries only a stones throw away around the bend in the trees is a lovely kayak launch into the magical Graham creek.After meandering through the winding creek taking in all sorts of wild life and natural beauty you find yourself on the North Shore of Wolf Bay.

This is a big score and must do even for a novice Kayaker on the Island Life score card!!

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